About Us

  • The Marketing Box

    The Marketing Box offers marketing services to small and medium sized businesses.

    Starting in Adelaide, South Australia, we serve businesses in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

    We are a little different to traditional marketing consultants although we offer all of the same services.

    We offer low cost, defined packages to our smaller customers, so they know exactly what they’re getting and what they can achieve when using us.

    For our medium sized customers, our “Time Blocks” allow you to benefit from having an experienced and trained marketing professional at your disposal to complete a range of marketing activities, for a short or longer period of time.

    You focus on running the business you love, and let us take care of the marketing tasks to support you.

  • Behind The Box

    About the owner of The Marketing Box, Julie Lawrie.

    When I was a marketing consultant at a big firm, I found out how enjoyable it was to be able to work with many different types of clients who needed our help. The business owners I encountered were extremely passionate and dedicated many hours to making their business succeed.

    Every now and then we would come across a business who although had a great passion for what they sold, were unable to manage the business side and had often not engaged in any marketing beyond printing a flyer.

    They needed a bit of help – a sidekick of sorts, to help them become the business superhero they longed to be.

    I’ve created The Marketing Box to try and offer businesses a variety of packages to choose from, to use in their business to grow it, develop it and make it the success they’ve dreamed it would be.

    I’ve also tried to make The Marketing Box accessible for small and medium sized businesses that don’t normally have access to a marketing professional, because I love what I do, and I’m passionate about demonstrating what marketing can do for an organisation.

    Through working in Australia and the USA I’ve met many business owners, connected with many types of organisations and seen what success looks like when a business is balanced in operations, sales, finance and marketing.

    At The Marketing Box, we hope to bring your business success when you let us take care of the marketing for you.